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Are you a fine artist, venue or collector looking for assistance and an eye for excellence?

Let me help you:
• Brainstorm and execute a vision
• Manage the things that are in your way
• Connect you to opportunities and resources
• Enjoy and celebrate the process!

These days successful artists need to devote more of their time to self-promotion and networking than to their craft. Who has time for that when you’re painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? I am the rare bird who loves to do all the things you hate to do. I have experience coaching artists and working with venues for every audience and environment, and I expertly curate interior spaces and collections.

Not only will I help to guide artists through organization, self-promotion, opportunities, and bodies of work, I also assist in all aspects of exhibiting including installation (gallery, home, retail and corporate), receptions, sales, and correspondence, so you can concentrate on being creative. I also provide professional graphic design services.

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Here is a brief list of services. A detailed and tailor-made plan of action is available by a free initial consultation:

Services for Fine Artists:
• Studio Visit and Goal Planning
• Artist's Statement
• Organizing and Inventory
• Outreach Action Plan
• Presentation and Installation
• Exhibition, Reception and Sales Assistance
• Press Releases, Promotion and Social Media
• Graphic Design (cards, catalog, etc.)

Services for Venues:
• Interior Planning, Vision and Curation
• Finding, Matching and Integrating Appropriate Artwork
• Installation
• Reception and Attendant Assistance
• Press Releases, Promotion and Social Media
• Graphic Design

Services for Collectors:
• Interior Planning, Vision and Curation
• Research
• Finding, Matching and Integrating Appropriate Artwork
• Home Installation
• Organizing and Inventory
• Cataloging Collection

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“I was feeling charged up after I met you, excited about the possibilities of our collaboration.” —Esther Lewis, fine artist

“Thank you for the wonderful studio visit. It’s true, it’s the best studio visit I’ve ever had because you opened my eyes
to new possibilities and I really appreciate that!” —Paula Cahill, fine artist

“You have such great suggestions, I really really love them.” —Brandi Levine, accessories designer

“I very much appreciate Gaby’s honest feedback as she always told me what would work and what wouldn’t. Gaby also
gave me a whole bunch of ideas for my business promotion from social media to participating in contests and conferences.”
—Svetlana Popova, photographer