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Are you a fine artist, venue or collector looking for assistance and an eye for excellence?

Let me help you:
• Brainstorm and execute a vision
• Connect you to people, opportunities and resources
• Manage the things that are in your way
• Enjoy and celebrate the process!

These days successful artists need to devote more of their time to self-promotion and networking than to their craft. Who has time for that when you’re painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? I am the rare bird who loves to do all the things you hate to do. I have experience coaching artists and working with venues for every audience and environment, and I expertly curate interior spaces and collections.

Not only do I help to guide artists through self-promotion, opportunities, and bodies of work, I also assist in all aspects of exhibition including installation (gallery, home, retail and corporate), receptions, sales and correspondence, so you can concentrate on being creative. I also provide professional graphic design services.

What isn’t working for you?

Here is a brief list of services. A detailed and tailor-made menu is available by consultation:

Services for Fine Artists:
• Portfolio review
• Goal planning
• Organizing and inventory
• Outreach for connections and opportunities
• Installation
• Exhibition, reception and sales assistance
• Press releases, promotion and social media
• Graphic design (cards, catalog, etc.)

Services for Venues:
• Interior planning, vision and curation
• Finding and matching appropriate artwork
• Installation
• Reception and attendant assistance
• Press releases, promotion and social media
• Graphic design

Services for Collectors:
• Interior planning, vision and curation
• Research
• Finding, matching and integrating appropriate artwork
• Home installation
• Organizing and Inventory
• Cataloging collection

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