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Gaby Heit is an art/photo director, graphic designer and creative consultant with a master’s degree from Pratt Institute. A four-time gallery director and independent curator, Gaby has represented artists from Philadelphia and New York, and has produced numerous exhibitions that celebrate connections between fine art, science, and design. With many years of experience in print publishing, she has led the creative direction, rebranding and design for national magazines covering fashion, travel, women’s services, business, and fine art. Also an advocate for accessibility, Gaby worked as the curator for Art Ability, the largest collection of artwork by people with disabilities in the nation, and regularly consults with all kinds of creatives on presentation, organization and self-promotion.


Promotional: Merrill Lynch, Old City District, 20/20 Photo Festival, CFEVA (Center for Emerging Visual Artists), Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, Philly Stewards, Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, Women’s Empowerment Day, Project H.O.M.E., Saché Boutiques, GOTO (Giving Opportunities to Others), ClearVue Eyewear, various fine artists and exhibitions.

Publishing: La Cucina Italiana, Interior Design, Art + Auction, I.D., Weight Watchers Magazine, Earnshaw’s Review, Footwear Plus, First for Women, Life & Style, Northstar Travel Media, John Wiley & Sons.