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Gabrielle Heitler
+ art/photo/design
+ creative direction

Gabrielle Heitler is an art/photo director and graphic designer with a master’s degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. She has 17 years of experience in print publishing in New York City and Philadelphia.

Her work can be summarized as:
• Design: developing features, fashion wells, advertorials, redesigns, start-up projects, branding and corporate identity.
• Photo: directing and styling fashion and still life photo shoots, managing contracts for permissions and archiving.
• And also: hiring and managing photographers, illustrators, stylists, designers and freelancers from all over the nation.

Creative aside, Gabrielle has also worked very closely with production and sales teams to traffic ads, create product plans, and to oversee new media and promotional design.

As GABYHEIT Creative Direction + Management, she offers a combination of a bold modern aesthetic, a sharp eye for detail, and an ability to prioritize while handling several projects at once, tight deadlines and small budgets.

Gabrielle has received a TABPI award for Creative Direction, and three “Big Bingo Winner” T-shirts from Tortilla Flats restaurant.

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